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Our experience in the academy, in the public sector, advicing institutions, in the interaction with international organizations or taking part in the normative design and the passing through of laws and law projects related to the incorporation of the gender perspective in Chilean law and in the administrative faculties of the Executive, enabled us to generate rigorous regulatory solutions that respond to social changes that are experiences by civil society, the private sector and the public sector at a national and international level.

The incorporation of the gender criteria and the concept of diversity are constituted as central aspects of public law and private law. This is a quite recent process and imposes on society new challenges that are not always assumed by actors. Our solid academic background, not only in law field but also in political and legal philosophy, has allowed us to be at the forefront of these changes. We place all our professional baggage available to our clients in order to support their necessities with commitment, quality and excellence.


Claudia Sarmiento Ramírez 


Attorney at law, University of Chile Law School, 2007
Degree obtained with maximum distinction.

Master at Law (Ll.M), in Legal Theory,
New York University, 2011-2012.

Intensive course in “Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Theory and Practice”. Abo Akademi, Turku, Finland, 2008.

Languages: Spanish and english.

Upon graduation from Law School, Claudia worked in the Center for Human Rights of Universidad de Chile, where she worked as a researcher and editor of the Anuario de Derechos Humanos.
After studying her Masters in the Faculty of Law of NYU, Claudia was the Chief of the Legal Reforms Department of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality and, afterwards, a legal-legislative adviser in the Legal Division of the Ministry Secretariat of the Presidency.

Claudia has been a visiting professor at the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Chile, and has taught at the Alberto Hurtado University. Claudia has a variety of publications to her credit related to international law and gender theory.

Member of the Bar Association.
Member of the Public Liberties Association Board.


Elisa Walker Echenique


Attorney at law, University of Chile Law School, 2007
Degree obtained with maximum distinction.

Master of Laws (LLM) in Innovation, Technology y the Law, University of Edinburgh, 2009-2010.

Master of Arts (MA) in Legal and Political Theory, University College London (UCL), 2011-2012.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Upon graduation from Law School, Elisa worked as a legal- legislative advisor at the Legal Division of the Ministry Secretariat of the Presidency. Between years 2008-2012 she lived in the United Kingdom, where she did postgraduate studied. Between 2014-2017 she worked as a legal advisor in the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity. Between the years 2017-2018 she joined the cabinet of the Minister of Labor and Social Security.
Elisa has been a visiting professor of intellectual property and political philosophy at the Faculty of Law of the Adolfo Ibáñez University. She has also taught intellectual property law in Diplomas and Masters of different Universities of the country.
Elisa has several publications on intellectual property, including books and articles in specialized law reviews.

Member of the Bar Association.
Member of the Public Liberties Association Board.



Compliance and incorporation into the culture and corporate structures of new normative standards associated with the perspective of gender and diversity, the prohibition of discrimination in law and the norms of probity, transparency and accountability.


Generation of information for the decision-making processes based on an analysis of the normative changes that are debated at the National Congress.


Our mission is to offer our clients high-quality regulatory solutions and professional commitment of excellence, both in the public and private spheres, especially oriented to the incorporation of gender perspective in critical areas of their management whether in the commercial sector, labor, family, institutional design, access to health, among others.

The incorporation of gender perspective in Chilean law responds to a global phenomenon that has come to stay. From free trade agreements, such as the one signed between Chile and Canada, to explicit rules prohibiting discrimination in labor field, Chilean law has accepted gender criteria as a relevant legal element that must be addressed in the review of contracts, in institutional designs, in labor, family, constitutional litigation, in the relationship between physicians and patients and, in general, in the normative task.

Our experience in this area endorses us as the law firm that has been at the forefront of the regulatory processes that have accompanied these changes, which we make available to our customers, both in the public and private, to advise them in each of the matters that require it.


Legal counseling necessary to incorporate in institutional’ design gender perspective and the management of diversity, either as a diagnosis, the development of changes in the corporate or institutional culture, in internal processes or in structures of different types, among other matters. For these purposes we work in partnership with professionals from different disciplines who provide the relevant methodological elements.


Litigation and advice before various public entities, such as Courts, Family, Labor Courts, Constitutional Court, General Comptroller of the Republic, Seremias, Superintendencies, Municipalities.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is one of those areas of the law that is in constant evolution because of its connection with new technologies. We have experience offering legal advise about this matter, which is based on years of studies and researches that has given place to different articles and the publication of the only chilean book that studies the national legislation, and includes comparative law and topics of international interest. This area of services includes legal advise in industrial property law and intellectual property law.



Practice areas

Strategic legal management

Law must be a vehicle to facilitate commercial, economic or institutional management. In this sense, our understanding of law as from the perspective of academia, as attorneys and the position that we have played in advising senior authorities from a very high level, at the Executive and at at Parlament, enables us to offer our clients regulatory solutions aimed at achieving their strategic objectives.

Public law

Our years of experience working in academia and public service, whether advising authorities, designing and implementing the creation of new public institutions, processing bills, administrative summaries and litigating before the Constitutional Court, provide us a comprehensive view of the operation of the State, as well as a vast experience in the regulatory law field, in which we include public and administrative law.

Normative standards

Incorporation of new normative standards: gender, diversity, and probity.
Both our professional practice and our academic training have been linked to the incorporation of the gender perspective and the rights of minorities, covering both the public and private spheres. In this sense, we have the tools to include this element in private initiatives, as well as in the work of organizations or public entities. Likewise, we understand the meaning and scope that it has in the incorporation in the management, both private and public, of normative standards associated with probity and transparency and how these relate to the image of companies and institutions.


Agosto 2018

Acoso sexual.
La urgencia de legislar

Creer que se trata de un comportamiento aislado lleva a olvidar que esta es una conducta extendida, que se refuerza por la tolerancia social y perpetúa la violencia de género...

Junio 2018

Protocolo sobre acoso sexual en las universidades

La revisión de nuestras conductas en torno al acoso sexual solo generará un cambio real si entendemos que nuestros actos no son hechos aislados, sino que se fundan en creencias culturales de larga data.

Mayo 2018

Reportaje Diario
La Tercera

En los últimos años, diversas iniciativas en el espacio laboral han alentado un ambiente de pleno desarrollo para las personas que trabajan en el Estado y en las empresas...

Mayo 2018

Reportaje en Meganoticias

Protocolo acoso: Piden protocolos contra violencia sexual en universidades. Expertas del tema analizaron las herramientas con los que cuentan las casas de estudio para....

Noviembre 2017

Leading Lawyers Chile 2017

Leading Lawyers, el primer ranking de abogados de Chile, en el que los propios abogados reconocen la excelencia de sus pares, destaca Elisa Walker.

Agosto 2017

Entrevista Diario La Tercera a Elisa Walker

Entrevista realizada a Elisa Walker por Diario La Tercera como parte de la sección reportajes de este medio nacional. 

Junio 2017

Entrevista de U. de Chile a Claudia Sarmiento

Entrevista realizada por el Departamento de Comunicaciones Facultad de Derecho U. de Chile como ex alumna de esa Universidad. 

Enero 2018

Abortion Law Reform

In 2012, I studied a Master in Political and Legal Theory at UCL, motivated by the excellence of its staff, the plurality that characterises the department

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Diciembre 2017

Entrevista Revista Abogados

Entrevista a Claudia Sarmiento: “No es razonable ni correcto borrar a las mujeres embarazadas de la discusión acerca del que está por nacer”.

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