Our services

Strategic legal advice

Individuals and companies usually require legal guidance in the decision-making processes. Whether it is a business venture, an internal governance matter or the negotiation of interests, we offer our clients our professional knowledge based on the study of their business model. Law should be a vehicle to facilitate commercial, economic or institutional management. In this sense, our understanding of the law from the academic field, as lawyers and the position that we have had to play in advising authorities at the highest level -in the Executive and in Parliament- enables us to offer our clients, whether in the private or public sector, regulatory solutions aimed at achieving their strategic objectives. Considering the diversity of businesses and needs of our clients, we work in alliance with professionals from different disciplines who provide the relevant theoretical and methodological elements to each case.


We offer our clients a tenacious and upright defense before the civil courts, the Constitutional Court, Family Courts, Labor Courts. We also offer counseling and litigation -when appropriate- before the General Comptroller of the Republic, Regional Ministerial Secretariats (Seremias), Superintendencies and Municipalities.


Legal counseling necessary to incorporate in institutional’ design gender perspective and the management of diversity, either as a diagnosis, the development of changes in the corporate or institutional culture, in internal processes or in structures of different types, among other matters. For these purposes we work in partnership with professionals from different disciplines who provide the relevant methodological elements.

Talks and training

Within our legal work, we believe it is important to develop tools that allow us to inform about the most important legislative changes in our country, explaining their theoretical and historical framework, their application in particular cases as well as their impact on case-law. With this perspective in mind, we develop talks and training courses for the most diverse audiences in different areas of law, using didactic and participative methods that accommodate the needs of our clients. Information
Generation of information for decision-making processes based on an analysis of the regulatory changes being debated in the National Congress.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Compliance with regulatory standards and their incorporation into the corporate culture and structures, especially those associated with the gender and diversity perspective (sexual and labor harassment, salary gap, parental co-responsibility, inclusion of people with disabilities), human rights, the prohibition of discrimination and rules on probity, transparency and accountability.

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