Practice areas

Public Law

Our years of experience working in the academia and in the public service -whether advising authorities, designing and implementing the creation of new public institutions, negotiating bills, conducting administrative internal investigations and litigating before the Constitutional Court- give us a comprehensive view of the functioning of the State, as well as a vast experience in the field of public law, in which we include constitutional and administrative law. In this area of practice we highlight our experience in advising on matters of probity and public ethics, both preventing conflicts of interest and representing public officials in administrative internal proceedings. We put this experience at the service of our private and public sector clients.

Regulatory Law

Currently, a large part of private economic activity uses and requires increasingly complex administrative instruments for its development. Thus, areas such as energy, health, urban planning and, in general, any project that causes a relevant environmental and social impact is developed under a network of regulations, such as authorizations, concessions, permits, audits, etc. Our teams has extensive experience in these regulated sectors and are especially familiar with the actions of regulatory bodies.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is one of those areas of law in constant evolution due to its connection with new technologies. We have experience providing legal advice on this subject, which is based on years of study and research that has resulted in several articles and the publication of the only book in Chile that studies national legislation, including a comparative perspective and issues of international interest. This service area includes consulting services in both industrial and intellectual property.

Family Law

Our work includes legal advice on family law issues, addressing aspects such as negotiation of complete and sufficient agreements, protection measures, family maintenance, personal care and direct and regular relationship. We know that these issues are sensitive for those involved, so we promote a personalized work to avoid unnecessary exposure of our clients.

Labor and Immigration Law

We provide our clients with advice on hiring and termination of employees, subcontracting, corporate policies, internal investigations (e.g. on workplace and sexual harassment and discrimination), as well as social security matters. In this area we also include advice on the application for work permits, visas subject to employment contracts, temporary residence visas and permanent residency for foreign workers.

Regulatory standards

Both our professional practice and academic training have been linked to gender perspective and minority rights, covering both the public and private spheres. In this sense, we have the tools to include this element in private initiatives, as well as in the work of public organizations or entities. Likewise, we understand the meaning and scope of the incorporation of regulatory standards associated with probity and transparency in both private and public management, and how these relate to the image of companies and institutions.

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